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The current Strategic Plan (2016-2020) represents a roadmap that the association intends to follow over the next five years in addressing the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) situation, including HIV in the country. The plan aligns itself with IPPF Strategic Framework (2016-2022), while responding to the national SRHR and geopolitical, economic and social realities, which define the context in which LPPA will strive to achieve its vision; “A healthy and inclusive society where freedom of choice in Sexual, Reproductive Health and Rights, and equal opportunities are guaranteed for all”. 

The development of the 4th Strategic Plan is a collaborative and participatory effort of LPPA staff, volunteers and partners. Firstly, the current strategic plan was informed by the review of the 3rd strategic plan which provided valuable information that formed the basis for its development. Secondly, the document benefited from consultations, suggestions and contributions of all those who participated in the Strategic Planning Workshop. Further inputs were received subsequent to the workshop that helped to refine the document.

This Strategic Plan articulates the strategic identity of LPPA which includes a vision, a mission statement and a set of values. These three elements outline why LPPA exists, what it intends to achieve and how it does its work.


Our vision is a healthy society with a zero infection rate of HIV, where every person can exercise their right to dignity.  A society where there is universal access to quality sexual and reproductive health information and services free from fear, stigma, discrimination and any other barriers; and where young people grow to enjoy their youth, fully participate in the control of their destiny and are able to make informed decisions.


To provide and enable quality SRHR information, education and services, and advocate for Sexual Rights and equitable access to services, especially for key populations, the underserved, young people, men and women through volunteers, trained and competent staff


 We are guided by the principles and objectives of IPPF. We have committed honest, accountable, competent and supportive staff and volunteers who recognise the core values that represent the basic fabric of our organisational culture.  These core values are:

•    Equity
We believe in equity SRH service.

•    Respect and Integrity
Those seeking services are invariably treated with respect and integrity

•    Quality Standards
We uphold the highest level of quality Sexual and Reproductive Health standards.

•    Evidence – based interventions
We believe in interventions that are supported by research and are responsive to the felt needs of the communities.

•    Accountability and transparency
As an organization, we believe in being accountable to ourselves, the community, the Government, and donors and we conduct our day to day business in a transparent manner.

•    Zero tolerance
We aspire to a society with zero infection of HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination free environment and responsible parenthood.

•    Universal recognition of rights
We believe in the right to access to SRH services for and by all segments of the population.

The Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association is a pioneer and leader in Sexual and Reproductive Health services in the country with more than six thousand (6,000) registered volunteer members and serves more than eighty thousand (80,000) men, women and young people annually.

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