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Lesotho Planned Parenthood Associationa non-profit organisation


Lesotho Planned Parenthood Association (LPPA) is a non-profit making organization affiliated to International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).  The Association was registered as a non-governmental organization in 1968. Since then, the Association has been a sole provider of family planning services until later 1990s when the Government of Lesotho introduced FP services in its health centres. After 1994 following the ICPD, the LPPA programme shifted from linear family planning to a more integrated sexual and reproductive programming.

The LPPA is guided by the Constitution which is approved by International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).  The structure of LPPA which is composed of the Annual General Meeting, the National Executive Committee, and the Secretariat enhances transparency and control.  The secretariat is headed by the Chief Executive who is assisted by two directors for programme and financial management. The total staff complement is sixty five.

... good systems

The existence of good systems and protocols for management and staff as well as for programme implementation makes LPPA to run efficient and effective operations.  LPPA has skilled personnel for programme development, implementation and evaluation.
In response to emerging Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) issues, LPPA’s focus is based on IPPF Strategic framework, which evolves around the five A’s (Access, Adolescent, AIDS, Abortion and Advocacy).

LPPA has ten Service Delivery Points (SDP) in eight of the ten districts of Lesotho namely Botha-Bothe, Leribe, Berea, Maseru, Mafeteng, Mohale’s Hoek, Quthing and Qacha’s Nek. Among the 10 SDPs there are two special clinics – Male and Youth Clinics based in Maseru.  Even though all the service structures are rented, the Association has invested in two building structures housing the Head Office and the Youth Resource Centre. In addition to the clinic based services LPPA runs Community Based Distribution programme in selected rural communities as well as outreach services in textile factories in Maseru and Mafeteng.

Services ...

Services that are offered by LPPA comprise the following:
•    Family planning (various FP methods ranging from short to long term)
•    Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections
•    Treatment of opportunistic infections and minor ailments
•    Physical examination
•    Screening of reproductive cancers
•    Male circumcision
•    Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV
•    Provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Behaviour Change programmes.

LPPA has a good corporate image and enjoys a harmonious relationship with Government, stakeholders, partners, donors and the community.
The sustainability and partnership prospects of LPPA are therefore strong.  LPPA faces resource mobilization challenges in order to reduce its dependency on IPPF and donors.