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LPPA  advocates for policy and legal reforms that respect and protect the rights of individuals to access SRH services without fear of intimidation and discrimination. LPPA  persuades government to formulate policies and enact laws that provide an enabling environment for SRHR. LPPA also advocates for increased resources to support SRHR from government, donors and development partners.

LPPA strives to empower groups of youth, women and men to act as agents of change in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Young people, women and men will actively articulate and advocate for their rights. Young people, women and men will be knowledgeable about their sexual rights and  translate this into a change in their behaviours. Social, economic, legal and cultural barriers commonly impacting negatively on these groups will be reduced resulting in increased uptake of SRH services.

Access to quality integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health, information and services 

LPPA has adopted a more sensitive programming that respects diversity in terms of age, gender, economic, social, cultural, political and religious differences, and increased involvement of other service agencies; increased utilization of integrated Sexual and Reproductive Health services and reduced cases of Gender-Based Violence, reduced new HIV infections, increased uptake of contraceptives and condoms, and, reduced maternal and infant mortality. In addition, LPPA works towards reduced cases of unwanted pregnancy, reduced cases of unsafe abortion, and reduced number of  new Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

For a period of 5 years, LPPA aims to deliver 600,000 non-discriminatory, rights based and free integrated services annually to youth, women and men by 2020. LPPA aims to expand service delivery by increasing its geographical coverage; strengthen its rights-based approach and scale up integrated services through various modes. These will include, outreach, community based distribution, mobile services, and support other agencies operating in other districts.

LPPA has two special centers; Thakaneng Youth Center and the Male Clinic. Both centers are based in Maseru, LPPA Headquarters.

Thakaneng Youth Center 

The Center  provides Sexual and Reproductive Health clinical services in a youth friendly clinic. It also provides youth friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health information through edutainment programs  to young people aged between 10 years to 24 years. Clinical services are provided by a youth friendly nurse, and edutainment programs are facilitated by well trained Peer Educators.

Youth Action Movement (YAM) Structure

Young people can join Thakaneng Youth Center and become LPPA YAM Members through paying an annual subscription fee of M10.00

The Functions of Youth Actions Movement (YAM) are listed below

  • Youth Friendly Health Services (YFHS) Referral
  • IEC & Communication
  • Linking SRH to Edutainment/sport  & other non-SRH Development Programs
  • Reaching vulnerable and marginalized Groups – Young People Living with HIV and AIDS, Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs), Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)
  • Documentation and Monitoring & Evaluation of Programme activities
  • Improved funding mechanism and focus
  • Sustainable Youth Membership in urban & rural settings
  • Catalyze Advocacy Programmes
  • Building Local, National & International Partnership

LPPA Male Clinic

Male clinic has been operational since 2006, and has been providing Sexual and Reproductive Health services and information to males. Services provided include Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC), HIV Testing Services (HTS), treatment of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), treatment of Urinary Track Infections, Hydrocele,  Prostate Cancer Screening and general Counselling.

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