Services Provided

Services that are offered by LPPA comprise the following:

  •  Family planning (various FP methods ranging from short to long term)
  •  Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections
  •  Treatment of opportunistic infections and minor ailments
  •  Physical examination
  •  Screening of reproductive cancers – Prostate, Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening (Pap Smear)
  •  Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision
  •  HIV Testing
  • Counselling – Fertility, Erectile Dysfunction, Relationship and General Counselling.
  •  Provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Information and Behaviour Change programmes.
  • ART Treatment
  • Antenatal Care

Services available from

Monday  – Friday |  0800hrs – 1700hrs

Monday – Friday  | 1700hrs – 2300hrs (For Sex Workers Only)

Saturdays                  0800hrs – 1300hrs  (Thakaneng and Male Clinic Only)

Holidays                    Closed

* Thakaneng Clinic is a special clinic for Adolescents  

* Male Clinic is a special clinic for Males

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